The New Professionals

Bodie and Doyle. The Professionals. You’ve got the theme tune in your head. Lewis & Martin. Gordon Jackson. The cars, the stunts, the music, the humour. Once again, Rob Fairclough brings this classic TV series back to life in the pages of INFINITY MAGAZINE.
Credit: Thank you to Allan Bryce of INFINITY MAGAZINE and Rob Fairclough for permission to reproduce this on our website.
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The Professionals return in this dynamic series starring Edward Woodward as CI5 boss Harry Malone, Colin Wells (Curtis), Kal Weber (Keel) and Lexa Doig (Tina Backus). With a respectful nod to Cowley, Bodie and Doyle of the series’ previous incarnation, this updated team of fearless and resourceful CI5 agents take on international criminals in this slick new series.

Shot on location in the UK, the US and South Africa, CI5 – The New Professionals has a confident, exotic look – maybe a slight swagger. With tightly written storylines and punchy direction each new episode is a mini-movie: action-packed, atmospheric and humorous. It’s James Bond for television.

David Wickes Television produced 13 x 1 hour episodes and the series was sold to over 40 countries worldwide including Sky One in the UK, TF1 in France and ARD in Germany.

“If you didn’t hear about it on the morning news, CI5 dealt with it last night.”

A proper bit of gun-toting, ass-kicking, wise cracking mayhem – FRONT MAGAZINE

The New Professionals . . . is awash with the kind of exotica you’d normally find in
the pit lane at Le Mans – TOP GEAR

It’s all-action telly with fighter jets, multinational villains . . . Woodward is very much the hard-but-fair boss in the Gordon Jackson vein. In fact, he’s much better – DAILY EXPRESS

The series is available on dvd from Madman Entertainment.