David Wickes Television’s series of Raymond Chandler classics, PHILIP MARLOWE – PRIVATE EYEstarring Powers Boothe, won huge audiences worldwide and several ACE awards.

After successfully negotiating the rights to re-create Raymond Chandler’s classic short stories for television and securing network backing (HBO in the US and LWT in the UK), David Wickes produced a classy, glossy series set in quintessential film noir territory – 1930s Los Angeles.

The taut scripts by expert Hollywood writers such as Jo Eisinger and Jesse L Lasky Jr authentically recreate the unmistakable voice of Raymond Chandler and are enhanced by the big screen talents of directors Peter Hunt, Sidney Hayers and Bryan Forbes and David Wickes. The evocative score, the casual, wise-cracking narration of Powers Boothe and the sparkling ripostes of his favourite girl Annie Riordan (Kathryn Leigh Scott) make an authentic and exhilarating combination.

Now available on dvd.

“It takes no more than a few minutes to know that we’re in authentic Raymond Chandler country” –  NEW YORK TIMES

“The greatest TV detective show of modern time” – NEWSDAY

“The beautifully produced and acted homage to the Bogie and Raymond Chandler era.” DAILY NEWS

“Sit back and enjoy . . . what fun! What sleuthing ! What tailoring ! . . . Boothe may be the best Marlowe since Bogie.” LOS ANGELES TIMES