The Heroes of Mafeking

An astounding story of bravery amongst a small band of children fighting for their lives and their homeland amidst the bitter conflict of the Boer War. Overcoming desperate hardship and loss, with ingenuity and humour, the legacy of The Heroes of Mafeking lives on.

Despite the wartime nature of the story, this film is about the children who lived through the seige; their loyalty, bravery, humour and sheer inventiveness shining a beacon of hope in a time of extreme crisis.

The Seige of Mafeking itself was the first war to become a ‘media event’ with journalists reporting daily to newspapers around the globe via new technology: the electric telegraph.  Unbeknown to those men, women and children suffering during the seige, their plight was being followed in newspapers at breakfast tables from London to New York to Sydney.

A young colonel called Robert Baden-Powell, a war-weary but extraordinarily brave soldier,  takes his inspiration from the children of the town – his unofficial ‘cadets’ – and enlists them and their original surprise tactics to finally overcome the enemy.

A few years later, back in England, the heroism and capability of the children inspires Baden-Powell to create the Scout movement which today has a worldwide membership of 38 million – and is still growing.

We’re currently in the latter stages of raising finance to shoot his film in South Africa.