David Wickes

David Wickes is one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurial film and television producers. Best known for his lavish gothic TV movies films and elegant period drama series, David is by contrast The Guv’nor when it comes to hard-hitting action-drama, as one of the original band of guerrilla filmmakers in the glory days of Euston Films making The Sweeney

David went on to direct The Professionals for ITV before re-vamping it in the late 1990s as CI5 The New Professionals where it sold in 41 countries.

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David’s rare combination of creative flair as a director and writer alongside his role as producer, prompted The Hollywood Reporter to dub David a ‘triple threat’ in their tribute celebrating the 10th anniversary of David Wickes Productions.

Having trained at Granada Television, David initially directed documentaries (The Struggle for Peace), current affairs, live sports (World of Sport) and music shows before finally making his directorial debut in TV drama for ITV (Six Days of Justice et al – see below) and later for the BBC (Target) in the UK.

As his reputation, budgets and viewing figures increased, David broadened his horizons by pioneering the now familiar international TV co-production with major USA networks such as ABC (Jekyll & Hyde, CBS (Jack the Ripper), TNT (Frankenstein) and HBO (The Hitchhiker & Philip Marlowe – Private Eye).

Interspersed with his television career, David has also made several feature films.

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David Wickes Productions are currently developing a slate of feature films – see the News section.

As Producer, Writer, Director

THE NEW PROFESSIONALS – 13 one hour episodes, independently financed. Sold to 41 countries so far. Sales continuing.

FRANKENSTEIN – Major movie for Turner Pictures, starring Patrick Bergin, Randy Quaid, Sir John Mills. Highest ever audience rating for a Turner Pictures film (72% cable audience share) in the USA. 3 ACE nominations, 1 ACE award.

JEKYLL AND HYDE – TV movie for the ABC Network in USA, starring Michael Caine, Cheryl Ladd. 2 Emmy nominations.

JACK THE RIPPER – Award winning miniseries for the CBS Network starring Michael Caine and Jane Seymour. Topped national ratings in both USA and UK. 1 Emmy nomination. 2 Golden Globe nominations, 1 Golden Globe award.

PHILIP MARLOWE – Award winning series for HBO. 12 one-hour classic Raymond Chandler stories starring Powers Boothe. 7 ACE nominations. 2 ACE awards. Edgar Allan Poe Award. Voted Best Drama Series of the Year by TV Guide readers in USA. Sold in 65 countries.

SILVER DREAM RACER – Theatrical motion picture starring Beau Bridges, David Essex for the Rank Organization. Worldwide distribution.

THE MOODS OF LOVE – Theatrical movie for EMI, starring Eric Porter. Golden Hugo Award (Chicago International Film Festival). Distributed worldwide.

As Producer/Director

SWEENEY! – Theatrical motion picture for EMI based on the UK television series. Box office record breaker in UK and Australia. Two British Film Awards. Worldwide sales.

THE PRISON – TV movie, from Georges Simenon’s famous novel – twice top of British TV ratings. Record ratings in Australia and France. Sold worldwide.

THE PROFESSIONALS – One of the most successful action series ever made. Sold in 57 countries.

TARGET – BBC prime-time series. Sold in 21 countries.

THE SWEENEY (the series) – Thames TV’s chart-topping series. 3 Sun Awards. 8 episodes top of the British Top Twenty Ratings. Sold in 41 countries.

VAN DER VALK – Thames TV’s prime-time series. 2 Top Twenty firsts. Sold in 44 countries.

SPECIAL BRANCH – Thames TV’s prime-time series. Sold in 32 countries.

PUBLIC EYE – Thames TV’s prime-time series. World sales. 3 episodes top of Britsh National TV Ratings.

SOFTLY-SOFTLY – BBC series. Sold in 27 countries.

SPIDER’S WEB – Series for Lord Grade’s ATV. Sold in 37 countries.

SIX DAYS OF JUSTICE – Thames TV’s prime-time series. Sold in 16 countries.